Delhi: Great relief from pollution due to high speed of rain and wind, know how much improvement has happened now


There has been a lot of improvement in the ongoing pollution in the national capital, which gave the people of the city a chance to breathe clean air again. After the rain and strong winds, the quality of air in Delhi has reached the ‘Moderate’ category on Monday morning. A weather forecasting agency has said that the air quality is likely to reach the ‘satisfactory’ category further.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) in the national capital was recorded at 148 am. The index was recorded 354 in the last 24 hours on Sunday and 443 on Saturday. The Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi has said that AQI is expected to remain in the middle category on Monday and Tuesday.

How AQI is measured

Explain that the scale of AQI is measured between zero to 500. AQIs between 0 and 50 are considered ‘good’. Levels between 51 and 100 are considered ‘satisfactory’. The third level 101 to 200 is considered ‘medium’ or moderate. At the same time, the fourth stage is 201 to 300, which is considered ‘bad’. The fifth stage 301 to 400 AQI, in which air is considered ‘very bad’. Long-term stay in this air causes respiratory problems.

This improvement came due to strong rain and winds

Meteorological Department officials said that due to the impact of Western Disturbances, heavy rains and winds of 30 km per hour caused a disintegration of pollutants in Delhi on Sunday, due to which the improvement in the air was observed. is.

Let us tell you that Western disturbances are the storms coming in the winter season, which bring moisture from the oceans and rain and snow in the northern areas. 39.9 mm of rain was recorded at Safdarjung Observatory from 8.30 am on Saturday morning to 2.30 pm on Sunday. According to the Meteorological Department, it is expected to rain on Monday as well and winds can go up to 30 km per hour.


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