Through the Co-WIN App, you will be able to register for Covid Vaccine, this app will work, know how to register


The corona virus vaccination process is about to begin soon in India. Dry run is going on all over the country. First, this vaccine will be given to frontline health workers, so it may take some time for the common people to get the vaccine. The Central Government has announced the launch of the Co-WIN App for the distribution of the Kovid vaccine.

The Ministry of Health says that people will be able to register themselves for the corona vaccine through the Co-WIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) app. For those who are not frontline health workers, the Co-Win app will be mandatory to register for the vaccine.

However, the Co-WIN App has not been launched yet. The central government can launch it soon. To register the Kovid vaccine, people will be able to download it from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Apart from this, this app will also be available in Jio phones, which run on KaiOS. This app is an upgraded version of eVIN (Electronics Vaccine Intelligence Network).

App has 5 modules

The Co-Win app has 5 modules built for tracking and registration of the Kovid-19 vaccine. It is divided into Administrator, Registration, Vaccination, Beneficiary Acclamation and Report modules. According to reports, common people will be able to get themselves registered for vaccination in the registration module. Once the registration data is available on the app, then after that users will be informed that in which local authority they can get the Kovid-19 vaccine installed. This information will be sent to them via SMS on their registered mobile number.

This is the work of each module

The Administrator module is for the officers who will conduct the vaccination session. Through this module, officers will create a session and the concerned vaccinee will be informed. At the same time, the registration module is for those who want to register for the vaccine. Those taking the vaccine in the Vaccination module will verify their details and update the vaccination status. At the same time, SMS will be sent to the beneficiaries through the Beneficiary Acknowledgment Module and after the vaccination, it will also produce a QR-based certificate. Also, the report module will generate a report on how many vaccine sessions have been conducted, how many people have participated and how many people have dropped the session.

Get registered like this

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– The user must first download the Co-WIN app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This app is currently unavailable.
After this, they have to register on the Co-WIN app under the registration module, the center and state guidelines will be given on the Co-WIN app.
– One of the 12 photo ID cards will be required for registration, this includes voter ID card, driving license, passport and pension document, etc.
After the registration is complete, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number of the users, in which the date of vaccination, place and timing of vaccination will be recorded.


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