We are proud of our scientists, gave two vaccines in the new year: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today joined the National Metrology Conclave through video conferencing and dedicated the Kochi-Mangaluru gas pipeline to the nation. On this occasion, he said that the new year has brought a new achievement for the country. On the new year, the country has been given two Made in India Corona vaccine and congratulations to the scientists for this. The country is proud of its scientists and their contribution will always be remembered by all.

PM Modi said that at this time India has new goals, new challenges and India is facing them very well. In the new decade, a new direction will have to be given towards quality and measurement.

It is very important to use metrology for where the products of India are standing in the world at the moment.

Prime Minister Modi said that we do not have to fill the world with only Indian products. We also have to live up to the expectation of every customer buying Indian products. We have to make Brand India a trusted name on both the quality, quantity scale. We have to win the hearts of everyone who buys Indian products. This is very important to fulfill the dream of self-reliant India.

The PM said that there should be great efforts in this direction to make global demand – global acceptance of Made in India. In self-sufficient India, there should be an emphasis on both quality and quantity. We have to reduce our dependence on foreign standards for quality measurement.


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