Pandemic: A Twisted Tale Of The Corona Virus


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The news that knocked at our doors in the December of 2019 was just the storm before the actual disaster! The pandemic has been become a major part of our lives today. Being in May of the year 2021 already, there isn’t much accountability of how and when we spent our times and our lives.

The onset of pandemic brought in some really difficult challenges for almost everyone. There was a timely stoppage of education, migrant workers couldn’t reach their home, flights were abolished, jobs were lost, people got drenched due to fear of the virus, domestic violence rates started to rise and many other worse challenges.

The World went online for its major tasks during the pandemic!

Online learning, online working, digital marketing and entrepreneurship, computer programming, etc., became the new charm in the world.  People kept away from physical interaction and social media interactions started to increase. After spending almost 13 months at home, it has been much of a new routine for many people.

Others are developing habits that could be good or bad for them. Many factors like social anxiety are also on the rise during the pandemic. Alongside, the news has been spiraling downwards ever since.  There are cases of domestic brutality, animal skinning and slaughter, rapes and murders, shortage of oxygen supplies, scarcity of medicines and vaccine supplies, limited hospital facilities, new wars, and many more.

Right now, the world is going through some dark phase as it has gone back several times in the history. We are writing new chapter each day. No one has any idea what the future beholds. People only have regrets about the past. Present they think is doomed for them.

At this time as well, there is a very dynamic account of the activities people are performing. Many are losing their loved ones, many are facing trauma, many can’t even go back to their homes, many can’t afford to have a proper meal once in a while, others are going on vacations and enjoying family time, many are getting married and promoted.

Although, we are facing this malignant problem, the only hope that keeps us breathing is that someday we will go out without our masks and be happy to see other people happy and out of their misery!


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