“Abloh” By Singer BricksDaMane Is Loved By Everyone in Vegas


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When we closely look around ourselves, we often notice how certain industries have only been constantly rising. It is essential to know the reasons behind their exponential rise. Apart from the many technological advances the world adopted, the hard work, passion and relentless drive of the younger brigade made all the difference across industries. These young talents have always made headlines for all the right reasons and have even astonished people with their creative thinking abilities and astute minds in their respective fields. BricksDaMane is all about this and much more in the world of music. He has made his career brick by brick by making beat after beat in the vast genre of hip-hop as a musician and producer.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of music, and the youngster says, “To create my unique standing in the industry, to provide something new, inspire greatness and innovation and create a positive difference in the lives of my listeners.” Adding further, he says that to be a part of the competitive industry, it is essential for musical artists and producers to always work around beats that can help them get identified even amidst a massive crowd. The day producers understand the importance of standing unique in the industry instead of only following what others do, is the day they will start carving their success story.

BricksDaMane today has become the go-to man and producer in hip-hop, whose beat making process has also made him create his unique niche in the industry. BricksDaMane began his journey while he was still in middle school, and after turning 21, he started to focus on creating his career in music professionally. He worked rigorously to earn the success he desired in the industry and thus even interned at studios at the beginning of his career. Later, he brought beats to artists and then made music that took him to the top of the music charts. Majestic Melody, Abloh, and BricksDaMane are the songs that exude his true music passion, which has earned him much love and recognition in the industry.

Besides making the most of the opportunities, BricksDaMane also has always created newer opportunities for himself to take the music space to greater success levels. Do follow him on Instagram @bricksdamane to know more.


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