Amber Heard has spoken out about why she is still in love with Johnny Depp.


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During an appearance on NBC’s “Today,” actress Amber Heard discussed her lifestyle after the defamation suit she was involved in with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, which captured the whole country’s attention.

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When asked whether she is concerned about being sued by him once again for defamation, Heard said, “I’m terrified that no of what I do, no mind what I say or how I say it, every move that I take will provide another chance for this type of silencing,” she added, as reported by ‘Variety.’

The talk show presenter Savannah Guthrie brought to light Johnny Depp’s text message to Amber Heard, in which he predicted that she would endure “complete worldwide disgrace,” and she questioned whether she believed that prediction was realised.

She responded, “I am aware that he promised it.”

“This is something I’ve vouched for. I understand it; I’m not a nice victim, I’m not a liked victim, and I’m not a flawless victim, and neither am I a perfect victim. Nevertheless, while I was testifying, I requested that the jury perceive me as a person and listen to his own words, which is a vow to perform the thing mentioned earlier. It seems as if he has already done so.”

When asked whether she had any expectations, she “Heard said, “Of course not. Cancel” when Depp brought up the opinion piece. It was not about him in any way.”

Heard responded to a question about her future endeavours by saying, “I get to be a parent full-time, where I’m not managing calls with attorneys,” when she was asked about her impending plans.

When asked about Depp earlier today, Heard responded, “I adore him. I devoted every ounce of my being to loving him. And I did all in my power to patch up a severely damaged relationship beyond repair, and I was unable to. No hate or ill will harboured against him at all. It’s possible that you won’t be able to grasp it, but if you’ve ever loved someone, it should come naturally to you. I realise if that’s going to be a challenge for you.”


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