Anuv Jain Revealed The Secret of Impressing His Audience 


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Indian singer Anuv Jain who is conquering the hearts of his listeners with his soothing and relatable music which strikes a chord  revealed the secret behind winning the hearts of the audience. Jain gained immense fame for his popular songs Husn, Gul, Meri Baaton Mein Tu, Mazaak, and Antariksh. In an interview with the Indian Times the singer opened up about a lot of facts. Let’s check out the complete details of this story.

Anuv Jain said that he is confident about experimenting with genres

The singer told the outlet, “Currently, it is a good time to be an artiste. I feel the timing of my debut was pretty brilliant because soon after, the world went through a lockdown and that gave me a chance to work on and release more music. The industry, in general, was also booming at that time and I’m glad I got its advantage.”

Moreover, the singer whose first single Baarishein was massive addressed the pressure of delivering hits after the first taste of success, he said , “I feel making slow songs that talk about love is my strength. But I also want to show my versatility as a musician. So, I keep trying new things. I released, Antariksh, a fast-paced track last year and although a bit sceptical initially, the positive response makes me feel more confident about experimenting with music.”

He also added,”I am a big numbers and stats person. I keep checking how my songs are faring. It also helps me keep track of what works with my audience.”

As for his musical inspiration the singer noted”I can find inspiration anywhere, maybe in the middle of a conversation, or while watching a movie. If I feel emotionally charged, I just pick up the guitar and start singing – it’s a very natural process for me. However, despite the ideation being spontaneous, when I get down to writing it properly, it becomes much more disciplined and tedious. I sit down everyday, disappoint myself most of the time, until I can actually come up with something brilliant to go ahead with.”

Later on, Anuv said of the making process of his music making, “I am 100% involved in the process. Right from the conceptualisation to deciding upon the clothes the actors would wear, I take part in everything. So much that if I am allowed, I would shoot the video myself! Recently, I also acted in one. All my songs are like my babies, so I like to have that level of control over these things.”

He continues, “My music taste is quite varied. I listen to a mix of artistes. However, lately, I have been listening to the kind of music I make, be it Indian or international. My top favourites right now are Billie Eilish and Novo Amor. Also, I am a big fan of myself and listen to my own songs all the time! I am my own most listened to artiste every year (laughs)!”

Talking about the way of dealing with trolls he added,”I am not the strongest person when it comes to handling trolling. There is a lot of pressure that comes with social media. Now musicians have to focus on a lot of things from marketing to storytelling, and maintain a social media presence too. Sometimes I do feel it takes away from the core thing that I wanted to do – making music. And on top of that, when trolling gets involved, it becomes more difficult. Why people use the internet to say bad things about artistes that are just trying to follow their dreams is beyond me. But I guess that is how it works, when you put something out there, you’re going to get both love and hate. For your own peace of mind you just have to accept the reality and keep moving.”

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