As the music video for her song “Piya Se Naina” demonstrates, Sona’s femininity is clearly on display.


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A new music video for Sona Mohapatra’s most well-known song, “Piya Se Naina,” was made available online. Mohapatra is a singer, composer, and producer.

It comes only a few days before the debut of her documentary, which is named “Shut Up Sona” and is scheduled to take place on July 1.

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According to the promotional release, the visuals in the film represent her creative journey to many different locations, her joyful camaraderie with her band, her free-spirited femininity, her forceful stage presence, and an artist’s unwavering devotion to a life of purpose and agency in their work.

When asked to describe how she is connected to Sufi poetry, Sona responded: “The most impressive aspect of this poet’s work is how it defies conventional notions of gender and even of religion by depicting the sacred in the role of a lover. Furthermore, it does so in a genuine manner.

Mohapatra pointed out that the video and film give viewers a glimpse into the life of an artist who aspires to take in the splendor and variety of the universe difficulties she encounters. She noted that this is something that the video does, similar to what the film does.

“The many musical and cultural traditions world and observations of the world are the primary sources of inspiration for music. Other sources include the life they have lived, the poems I’ve read, the people they have spoken to on the street, and the people they have talked to. Piya Se Naina is a film that was made to showcase the limitless creative potential that they have. The film also depicts the most vulnerable and rebellious times in my life, “Mohapatra noted.

Deepti Gupta, the film’s director, has received acclaim both in her own country of India and throughout the world for her work on the movie “Shut up Sona.” It received the National Award for Editing in 2021, the Impact Docs Award in the United States, the Film Critics Guild Award Special Mention at MAMI, and the Best Documentary Award at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne in 2021 and IndieMeme.

Mohapatra is the one who created the documentary, and its tagline is “an unvarnished account of the singer’s tireless quest for equality in a gender-insensitive culture.”


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