Berlin: May Day Rally Turns Violent


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Berlin on Sunday observed the May Day rally turned into violence. Around 93 German police officers got injured during the incident that happened in Berlin.

As per Berlin’s top security official, 354 protesters were detained after the rally turned violent. Around 20 different rallies took place in Berlin on Saturday. The majority of the May Day rallies conducted were peaceful. However, a leftist march of 8,000 individuals through the city turned violent. The march was observed in Neukoelln and Kreuzberg neighborhood parts, which has seen clashes in past decadeds.

Bottles and rocks were thrown by protesters at the german officers. The violent protesters burned garbage cans and wooden pallets in the streets.

“Violence against a police officer and a blind, destructive rage has nothing to do wit political [rotest,” Andreas Geisel, the state interior ministers of Berlin said.

Geisel condemned the act of throwing bottles, rocks and burning the barricades on the streets. He highly condemned the violence against police officers.

“The high number of injured officer leaves me stunned. I wish all of those who were injured in the line of duty a quick recovery,” Geisel said.

“The violent riots that occurred is something that I very much regret,” Berlin’s head of police Barbara Slowik said to local broadcaster rbb24.

In Berlin, police used water cannon to extinguish fires as protesters burnt waste bins, barricades and cars.

The rally also took place in several other German cities, including Hamburg and Leipzig, despite Europe’s largest economy engaging with a third wave of the pandemic.

There’s a night curfew imposed in most parts of Germany due to the high number of coronavirus cases. Although, the political protests and religious gatherings are exempt from the curfew.


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