Big, an avid music lover, The fire caused Jeff catastrophic injuries.


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Jeff ‘Big Jeff’ A fire that broke out at John’s house has left him in critical condition. Johns is well-liked and frequents live music events in Bristol.

According to a statement sent to NME earlier today (June 13), the following may be read: “Jeff Johns, often known as Big Jeff, has been very gravely wounded in a fire at his house in Bristol. His status has been described as stable as being treated in a specialized burns facility in Swansea.

During this very trying time, his family requested everyone to keep Jeff in their thoughts and prayers. Please support this request in mind. Play a record for Big Jeff is the name of the playlist his buddies created on Spotify.

Jeff Johns is well recognized as Bristol’s most frequent concertgoer. Before the UK lockdown was enforced in March 2020, he used to go to live events every night of the week at venues all across the city. He is well-known for his attendance at hundreds of performances across the area and in the UK, where he is known for his passionate participation.

During the beginning of this year, during Independent Venue Week, Johns gave an interview to NME in which he referred to concert venues as “essentially my churches.”

“For many years, they have served as refuges for me,” he said. “You get to witness communities that you won’t run across anywhere. They cultivate individuals who will go into operating their venues or record companies, music writers, or people who go into stage tech and sound engineering. It’s not just the performers.

He said, “You go someplace like Louisiana in Bristol, the Hebden Bridge Trades Club, or The Boileroom in Guildford, and you’ll meet a whole community.”

The art show that Johns held for the first time was held last year. The art exhibition titled “Welcome To My World” was inaugurated on February 3. It included the work of 34 artists who have served as a source of motivation for the artist. These artists included the folk singer Gaelynn Lea Tressler and the Bristol trumpeter Pete Judge.

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“We have been working with Jeff for some years now after finding his incredible skill when he posted a picture of Raggs on Facebook,” said Lee Dodds, the exhibition curator. His paintings have positive energy, and I doubt that music lovers and art collectors in Bristol and beyond will be drawn to them.


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