Billie Eilish irritates fans by dressing up in a sick and twisted Halloween costume with her boyfriend.


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On Halloween, Billie Eilish and her new boyfriend Jesse Rutherford dressed up as a baby and an old man to mock critics of their age-gap romance. Fans have slammed Billie Eilish and her new boyfriend Jesse Rutherford for their “sick and twisted” couples Halloween costume.

The couple appeared to be making fun of their age gap romance, with Billie, 20, dressing up as a baby and Jesse, 31, transforming into an old man. The Happier Than Ever singer donned a bonnet and diaper, as well as a blonde wig and a teddy bear-themed outfit. She also chose eerie doll makeup and pink bunny slippers.

Jesse wore a bald cap with grey tufts of hair and had his mustache and brows grey-dyed. To complete his look, the lead singer of Neighborhood opted for wrinkled aesthetics. The couple hasn’t posted anything about their costumes on social media, but fans have been commenting after photos were shared on Twitter by Pop Crave.

That Billie Eilish costume is extremely disturbing and I hate it every time it crosses my timeline, one user wrote. She’s of legal age and everything, but this couple’s costume makes me uncomfortable, said another, while a third tweeted, I wish I could wash my eyes with soap and scrub this from my mind.

Billie Eilish and Jessie Rutherford’s matching Halloween costumes are sick and twisted, especially given their age difference and power disparity. It’s not funny or chic, it’s not ironic, it’s disturbing, and the adults in her life are failing her yet again, another wrote.

Some fans found the costumes amusing, with one tweeting, I have ALWAYS ‘LOVED’ Billie Eilish’s sense of humor. This captures her as she is, HILARIOUS! All of you idiots require a sense of humor. Billie, I adore you. I mean, they’re trolling people who have unfounded opinions about their relationship. In a way, you’re proving their point and making their joke even funnier, said another. She’s already 20, a full-fledged adult, so what’s the big deal? a third fan was added

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Billie and Jesse made their relationship public earlier this month when they were photographed kissing outside an Indian restaurant in Los Angeles.




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