Billie Eilish Reveals the Reason of Deleting her Social Media Off Her Phone


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Billie Eilish opens up about the reason for Deleting her Social Media off her phone. In her recent appearance on the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast, the singer shares the reason. She had seen distance from her social media.

Billie Eilish said it’s such a huge deal for her

The 20-year-old said deleting her social media is a huge deal for her. She said, “I don’t look at it anymore. I’ve deleted it all off my phone.”

Moreover, the “Bad Guy” singer said, “I feel like I grew up in the perfect time of the internet when it wasn’t so internet-y that I didn’t have a childhood. I really had such a childhood and I was doing stuff all the time. It was computers and games on computers, but barely. We were doing stuff. And then when I became a preteen there were iPhones, and then I got a little older and there was all of what [the internet] has become.”

She also explains, “Being a preteen and a teenager on the internet, those were my people. I was one of them. I was one of those people on the internet. And then to, within myself, feel like nothing changed, that I’m doing what I’ve always done and… to just keep doing what I do over the years, and slowly the videos I’m watching and the things I see on the internet are about me. I’m like, ‘Ew! Stinky! I don’t like that.'”

Later on, Eilish gave an example of such things. As she revealed, “It was like, ‘Billie Eilish is a horrible person.’ And then it was a very serious video of why. The person seemed in the right head space and they were saying all of these things. I was like, ‘Jeez, wow,'” she said. “It’s just such a crazy reality that I live in. I’m like, ‘That’s my face. That’s my name. That’s me. Oh, interesting. OK. Alright.'”

The singer continues, “It’s these definitive statements that they know are right, somehow they know, somebody told them.”Therefore, she revealed the other thing that “Freaks” her out. She says it “is how gullible it makes you.”

Later on, she said, “Anything I read on the internet I believe. Me! And I know for a fact that’s stupid and I shouldn’t do that because I have proof that it’s not all true. Almost none of it’s true. It’s, like, little things, small white lies that goes over everybody’s head, but everyone believes.”


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