Can US Employers Make Vaccination Compulsory


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US employers can require employees to practice safety measures, including vaccination as per the experts.

That doesn’t certainly mean you may get fired if you don’t get vaccinated, but you may need to sign a waiver or agree to work under particular conditions to reduce any risk you may expose to yourself or others.

As per Dorit Reiss, Employers generally have large scope to make rules for the workplace. It’s their business. Dorit Reissis a law professor who is a specialist in vaccine policies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Rules will differ by country. But the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has acknowledged companies to mandate the flu and other vaccines and has shown they can require COVID-19 vaccines.

There are various exceptions. For example, one can ask exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

Few states have introduced laws that limit mandating the vaccines because of their emergency use” status, but that may become less of an issue since Pfizer has applied for full permission and others are likely to follow.

How employers approach the problem will vary. Many individuals may not need to require vaccination because of the administrative burden of tracking compliance and managing exemption requests, noted Michelle S. Strowhiro. Legal claims could also emerge. Strowhiro who is an employment adviser and lawyer at the McDermott Will & Emery.

As a result, many employers will possibly strongly support vaccination without making it mandatory, Strowhiro said.

Walmart, for example, is proposing a USD 75 bonus for employees who give proof that they were vaccinated.


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