CEO of Conquer Agency, Nishit Sangwan, speaks on the crucial strategies a business needs to follow to step up its marketing game


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Nishit Sangwan is a Young Entrepreneur. He has been observing trends in 2020 and gives his take on what to expect in 2021. Digital marketing is a dynamic form of advertising that keeps on reinventing itself year after year. And it is high time for business owners to change their marketing strategies to step up their game to accommodate new customer needs and demands brought about by the pandemic. Nishit, as a digital marketing expert, helps brands connect better with their customers.

According to Nishit, there are specific points that businesses need to keep in mind while they start a business or want to succeed in the existing one:

  1. Achieving one goal at a time- To begin with, the business needs to note down the goals they want to achieve and choose an area where they want to start their business. Then, they should understand the concept “one at a time” and try to expand from that.
  2. Up to date with trends- This covid 19 pandemic has made businesses turn into online mode, and for that, they need to understand the ongoing trends to accommodate people’s needs accordingly. “Keep a tab on what’s working, how to blend your business in keeping up with the trend, and how you can use the trends to make your work eye-catching.” Says Nishit.
  3. Communication is the only key– Entrepreneurs need to communicate with their clients. Moreover, it is also important to market, advertise, and promote their work, which helps the business grow widely.
  4. Positivity- It is quite possible for one to feel low when they have several setbacks. But this does not mean they will stay dejected.” Only positive approach and self-motivation will help an entrepreneur to stay in the game.” says Nishit. “In a competitive market, one must learn to be strong and pat themselves for every achievement whether it is small or big it doesn’t matter. Be positive in every aspect.”

The above methods are how Nishit Sangwan has made his digital marketing company one of the top ones. But, there is a lot more to know about Nishit Sangwan and his media and PR agency Conquer Agency. So, make sure you check out the links given below to stay updated about a truly inspirational entrepreneur:

Website (Nishit Sangwan):

Website (Conquer Agency):

Instagram (Nishit Sangwan):

Instagram (Conquer Agency):



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