China to Set Up a ‘Separation Line’-Summit of Mt. Everest


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China said that it wants to establish a ‘Separation Line’ at the summit of Mount Everest to prevent climbers from associating with others in Nepal.

It came with this proposal a week after the mountaineers and authorities at the base camp in Nepal warned about the rising COVID cases.

The highest peak shares its borders with both China and Nepal. Hence, the backpackers climb it from both sides.
But it’s not yet confirmed how China will impose the rules on the mountain.

The Summit is a dome-like structure made up of snow and can accommodate six people at a time. But on a busy day, the climbers have to form a queue to gain access to it.

There is a team of Tibetan guides who are experts in mountain climbing. They are dispatched to the summit to set up a line.

It will be in place before the arrival of a group of Chinese climbers who are currently on their way.

Hikers from China will not be allowed to have any kind of contact with the people from the other side. Even touching of objects that have been placed at the peak is prohibited.

Still, it is not clear whether the Tibetan guides will remain in the area to enforce the restrictions or not.

According to the director of Tibet’s Sports Bureau, the only time climbers from both the north and south sides of the mountain would come in contact is at the summit.

Currently, tourists who do not have a permit are not allowed to enter the Chinese base camp. The country has also banned foreign nationals from ascending the mountain.

Nepal, on the other hand, relies heavily on the income generated from Everest expeditions. It permitted the foreign climbers to continue their adventure. About 400 permits are allocated this season.

During the coronavirus outbreak, 30 sick climbers were evacuated from the Nepalese side.

The country has now recorded more than 394,667 cases and 3,720 deaths.


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