Chris Evans become the People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2022


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Chris Evans snatched the crown of 2022’s People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Previous year another Marvel star Paul Rudd was given the title. On November 7, during CBS’ The Late Show Stephen Colbert announced the news by unveiling the steamy cover of the magazine’s annual issue. Colbert announced the winner as “Hollywood movie star and incandescent supernova of hotness, Chris Evans!” The Avengers alum has reacted to the news from a movie set.

Chris Evans reacted on becoming the sexist man alive 

Chris Evans
People Magazin’s Cover (Google)

While announcing the news Stephen Colbert played a clip where Evans is with former sexist man alive Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne was named the title in 2016. The actor was seen wearing a sash for his achievement. Chris told The Rock (Johnson’s ring name), “It means a lot coming from a former Sexiest Man Alive ”. He responded, “What do you mean?”

Evans replied,” Thanks for the support as a former Sexiest Man Alive, it just means a lot.”

Johnson said, “I never give the title up. I’m Sexiest Man Alive in perpetuity, which means for life… Let me ask you a question, brother. Am I alive? I’m still alive. Am I still sexy? You bet your sexy mouth I am.”

In response, Captain America said to ‘share’ the title with his friend.

The 41-year-old later recalled how his mother reacted to the news. “My mom will be so happy… She’s proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about”- He said to People magazine. 

The actor’s fans are extremely overwhelmed by his achievement. The popular magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue started in 1985. The first owner of this title was actor Mel Gibson at just 29 years old.

Past winners include Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Swayze, Prince Harry and Denzel Washington.

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