Clean Air But Masks Mandatory-The Twist Of Pandemic


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No doubt that Lockdown has put a significant impact on our lives. Maintaining a major balance between the positive and the negative impacts, it has flourished from March 2020 till June 2021. But most importantly the crowd on the streets has reduced.


Along with an equal reduction in the usage of vehicles and other recreational activities. You see, all the human activities create some or the other sort of waste that ultimately leads to pollution.


But since the lockdown, the unnecessary human activities have certainly been reduced by a noteworthy figure. It could be easy to say, that cessation of these extra activities has been very healthy for the environment and the pollution levels on earth.


Involvement in recreation could just be another way of describing someone’s involvement in pollution. Since, the travel and tourism industry generates massive amounts of wastes that go on to polluting lands, beaches, seas, and other water bodies.


The pandemic has seriously reduced the number of these recreational travel and therefore in a way decreased the pollution that people generate along with decreasing the smoke released from automobiles required for reaching destinations.


Overall, industrial activities have been reduced. As a result, the amount of industrial solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes produced has also been considerably reduced. The weather has also been improved. Regular precipitation and lowering of the temperature in the summer months have brought a good relief for people.


There isn’t any considerable traffic on roads, the gasses released from the burning of petrol, diesel and natural gas has also been reduced in their rates. Some countries have even seen a downfall of these gases up to 70%.


Deforestation has been reduced since human activity is reduced. People are forced to only necessary activities and therefore won’t indulge in unnecessary tree cutting.


Also, the most important impact is that people are becoming aware of their deeds. They are getting to know how insanely important it is to take care of our planet. All these diseases are only due to human beings and their activities.


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