HDFC Bank Q3 benefit beats gauges; here are 10 key features of profit


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Private area loan specialist HDFC Bank on January 16 reported its quarterly profit for the October-December time of 2020. It was the main organization among banks to deliver quarterly outcomes.

HDFC Bank shares flooded 33 percent during the December quarter of 2020, in this way failing to meet expectations the Bank Nifty that acquired 46 percent during a similar period. In any case, the stock rose 13 percent in the year 2020, in this way showing a greatly improved exhibition than Bank Nifty, that revised 2.8 percent during the said period.

Here are 10 key features of income:


Subsequent to giving Rs 3,013.6 crore to tax collection, the bank procured a net benefit of Rs 8,758.3 crore for the quarter finished December 2020, an expansion of 18.1 percent over the quarter finished December 2019. The CNBC-TV18 survey had assessed a benefit of Rs 8,264.8 crore.

Net Interest Income

Net revenue pay – premium procured less interest consumed – for the quarter finished December 2020 developed by 15.1 percent to Rs 16,317.6 crore from Rs 14,172.9 crore in the comparing time frame, driven by progresses development of 15.6 percent, and a center net interest edge for the quarter of 4.2 percent. The bank’s tireless spotlight on stores helped in the support of a solid liquidity inclusion proportion at 146 percent, well over the administrative necessity.


Absolute advances as of December 2020 were Rs 10.82 lakh crore, an expansion of 15.6 percent over December 2019. Homegrown advances developed by 14.9 percent over December 2019. According to administrative [Basel 2] fragment grouping, homegrown retail advances developed by 5.2 percent and homegrown discount credits developed by 25.5 percent, the bank said.


Complete stores as of December 2020 were Rs 12.71 lakh crore, an expansion of 19.1 percent over December 2019. CASA stores developed by 29.6 percent with bank account stores at Rs 3,74,639 crore and current record stores at Rs 172,108 crore, said the bank, adding time stores were at Rs 7,24,377 crore, an expansion of 12.2 percent over the relating time frame, bringing about CASA stores containing 43.0 percent of all out stores as of December 2020.

Non-Interest Income

Other pay or non-interest pay was Rs 7,443.2 crore at 31.3 percent of the net incomes for the quarter finished December 2020 as against Rs 6,669.3 crore in the relating quarter.

The four segments of other pay for the quarter finished December 2020 were charges and commissions of Rs 4,974.9 crore (up 9.9 percent over the relating time frame), unfamiliar trade and subsidiaries income of Rs 562.2 crore (up 7 percent over the relating time frame), acquire at a bargain/revaluation of ventures of Rs 1,109.0 crore (up 17.9 percent over the comparing time frame) and incidental pay, including recuperations, of Rs 7,97.1 crore (down 15.2 percent contrasted and the relating time frame), HDFC Bank said.

Pre-Provision Operating Profit

The pre-arrangement working benefit (PPOP) at Rs 15,186.0 crore in Q3FY21 developed by 17.3 percent over the comparing quarter of the earlier year.

“The expense to-pay proportion for December quarter 2020 was at 36.1 percent as against 37.9 percent in the relating time frame,” HDFC Bank said.

The all out credit cost proportion was at 1.25 percent, when contrasted with 1.41 percent in the quarter finishing September 2020 and 1.29 percent in the quarter finishing December 2019, it added.


Arrangements and possibilities for the quarter finished December 2020 were Rs 3,414.1 crore (comprising of explicit advance misfortune arrangements of Rs 691.2 crore and general and different arrangements of Rs 2,722.9 crore) as against Rs 3,043.6 crore (comprising of explicit advance misfortune arrangements of Rs 2,883.6 crore and general and different arrangements of Rs 159.9 crore) for the quarter finished December 2019.

All out arrangements for the current quarter included unforeseen arrangements of roughly Rs 2,400 crore for proforma NPA, said the bank.

Resource Quality

The gross and net non-performing resources were at 0.81 percent of gross advances and 0.09 percent of net advances as of December 2020 separately, against 1.08 percent and 0.17 percent in the comparing time frame.

The rebuilding under the RBI goal system for COVID-19 was around 0.5 percent of advances, said the bank.

The Supreme Court coordinated banks that accounts that were not pronounced NPA till August 2020 will not be proclaimed NPA until additional requests. Notwithstanding, “if the Bank had grouped borrower accounts as NPA after August 2020 utilizing its insightful models (proforma approach), the proforma net NPA proportion would have been 1.38 percent as on December 2020, as against 1.37 percent as on September 2020 and 1.42 percent as on December 2019. The proforma net NPA proportion would have been 0.40 percent,” said HDFC Bank.

The bank additionally said it kept on holding arrangements as of December 2020 against the possible effect of COVID-19 dependent on the data accessible now and the equivalent are in overabundance of the RBI endorsed standards.

The bank held drifting arrangements of Rs 1,451 crore and unexpected arrangements of Rs 8,656 crore as of December 2020, it added.

Capital Adequacy Ratio

The bank’s complete capital sufficiency proportion (CAR) according to Basel III rules was at 18.9 percent as of December 2020 (18.5 percent as of December 2019) as against an administrative necessity of 11.075 percent, HDFC Bank said.

Level 1 CAR was at 17.6 percent as of December 2020 contrasted with 17.1 percent as of December 2019, it added.


As of December 2020, the bank’s conveyance network was at 5,485 branches and 15,541 ATMs/money store and withdrawal machines across 2,866 urban communities towns as against 5,203 branches and 14,533 ATMs/CDMs across 2,787 urban areas towns as of December 2019.

“50% of our branches are in semi-metropolitan and rustic regions. The quantity of workers was at 1,17,560 as of December 2020 as against 1,13,981 as of December 2019,” the bank said.


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