Healthy Lifestyle Modifications You Could Make.


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Being alive is easy and hard at the same time. You could either lead a happy and healthy lifestyle or pay regular visits to a hospital. If you’re a healthy person without any genetic illness, then the following tips could make your lifestyle better and healthier than before.


Exercising minimum 2 hours a week would keep you healthy and many illnesses at bay. Exercising each day for 30 minutes could even postpone ageing and could prevent a million kinds of ailments.

Healthy BMI

Maintaining a healthy BMI could help you live better. Not only does it increase the life expectancy, but also is very useful in detecting any sudden outburst of a disease.

Trans fatty acids

Avoid eating Trans fatty acids. The normal configuration of Unsaturated fatty acids that is healthy for our body is cis-configuration. Although many vegetable oils have cis-configuration, they could turn trans if they are hydrogenated/ oxidized. This could happen if the oil is used again and again, as in case of fried street food.

Green and purple vegetables

Increase the consumption of green and purple vegetables. Green vegetables are rich in many vitamins and metal ions required by our body. Purple vegetables are known to increase your body’s High Density Lipid (HDL) Cholesterol levels. These HDL carriers are very important for your body as they help transport the Low density fat from body organs into the liver for further breakdown and metabolism.

consumption of sugars

Avoid consumption of sugars, as it can increase your Glycosylated hemoglobin. Increase in this Glycosylated hemoglobin can cause a decrease in oxygen transport to different organs and tissues of your body. As hemoglobin is the main pigment that carries oxygen, if it gets attached to extra sugar roaming inside your blood, it banishes the available oxygen.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a million times important for your body. Water is the surrounding medium of the cell. It help maintain the homeostatic balance of your body. It can help prevent Kidney stones and many heart disease. Also it can enhance brain function and joint movement. Overall it is responsible for cleaning the body from inside as well as outside.

Peace of Mind

If you tend to get irritated or angry very easily then bruh, you are not living your life to the fullest. Small things would nag the shit out of you and could disturb your focus. Try to ignore the little things. Remember, you can’t control other people’s reactions. But you can always control your react towards them.


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