Here are the reasons why Mark Zuckerberg will join Badge?


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There has been a lot of development of systems and structures going around in technology. Many new features are added every day. A new space in the technology world has opened after introducing NFT, Web3, and Metaverse. This growth could not be possible without the active participation and contribution from the influencers and developers of internet technology, especially social media. 

They have worked hard for the development of the internet. Without their vision and hard work, social media would not have been successful at this rate. Many services are top-notch and world-class. One of these services includes verification from a social site. Everyone in the world likes to be verified in any order or get involved in any particular group, increasing their value in society. The Badge Foundation has a similar vision for the digital world. They provide an exclusive platform for the influencers to showcase the talent and power of these services through their popularity and influencing skills. 


Reasons why Mark Zuckerberg is interested in Badge?


There are a lot of rumors that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly known as Facebook Inc.), is going to invest in Badge. Here are the reasons why he is interested in Badge.


  1. The Badge is a membership community created to connect the blue badge creators and investors worldwide. 


  1. It is being developed by ‘Cryptonite.’ It is an invite-only global community of influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs leading the Web3 and blockchain. 


  1. Anthony Perkins and Timothy Cook Draper found the Badge project. Timothy Cook Draper is an American capital investor. He is the founder of Draper University, Draper Venture Network, and more. He has invested infamous websites like Twitter, Coinbase, SpaceX, and Robinhood. 


  1. Its popularity can be justified as the world’s largest exchange OpenSea has first offered to list them on their exchange. 


  1. Badge’s support coin is called Pome. It is a dog’s name that comes from Pomeranian. This shows the involvement of Shiba developers in the development of Badge. 


  1. The Badge project is expected to become a Facebook-like platform 10,000 times more 

valuable in the upcoming years.


  1. Also, other famous personalities like Elon Musk are also interested in the project. He will also heavily invest in this project, eventually raising its price. 


  1. Plus, it is expected that Badge’s price will go up to $200 in a few years, which will be more than 100x than the current price.


These are the reasons why Mark Zuckerberg is interested in this project. This will be an excellent investment as well as it is also good for the community. 



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