Indian Author Virat Vilas Pawar lays down the foundation stone of Superhero universe with his sci-fi novels.


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While the craze of DC and Marvel continues to rise among the Indian audience, a lot of other comics and entertainment have been coming out to light lately. When it comes to Sci-fi superheroes, the OTT platform is booming tremendously in India. Hotstar Disney is receiving great viewership with the Marvel cinematic movies and series that have been released on the channel. Netflix has its own set of Sci-Fi superhero movies and series coming in 2022 as well. Virat Vilas Pawar, a Criminal Lawyer profession and an author by passion has released his second novel ‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ which is a smooth blend of Indian mythology and Sci-fi. The novel is available on Amazon. Virat released his first novel in 2019, named ‘Heroes of Wars: Men from the Future’ which is a Sci-fi version of The Mahabharata – one of the greatest epics of all time. The novel ‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ is published under the authors’ self-owned “VirArt Studios”, which is the authors’ brainchild and is created with the purpose to provide a platform as well as space to Sci-fi artists and Sci-fi bugs as well.
Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic
‘Vidyadhara & The Universe of Magic’ is the foundation stone that has been laid towards the bigger universe created by Virat. The Author promises to create and further develop a universe that is inspired by Indian mythology (Indian ancient rich history) and would have references from the same, and all the stories would be taking place in the present era. The references would be from Indian Mythology along with many more characters coming out soon. Indian Mythology is rich and had a vast scope with over lakhs of pages available for reading for an audience. The author derives his inspiration from the folklores and gives it a modern touch. Both the novels have mind-blowing artwork which is created by VirArt Studios in collaboration with Doodlenever – a duo from India that specializes in creating Sci-fi artwork. Virat plans to begin with his own comic and animated series along with some short projects related to superheroes and deliver the audience a new taste of Superheroes. Read More On The Pop News


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