Julia Garner of Ozark has been chosen to portray Madonna in the upcoming biopic.


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It has been rumored that Madonna would direct her biography, in which she plans to star Julia Garner in the leading role. Madonna will also serve as the film’s producer.

Odessa Young, Florence Pugh, and Alexa Demie from Euphoria were allegedly among the other candidates considered for the role before Jennifer Garner, who stars in Ozark, was granted the part after a lengthy audition process.

It was stated in 2020 that Madonna intended to film her biography using a story that was co-written by Diablo Cody, who is a member of the band Young Adult. 

There are a lot of fantastic tales that haven’t been told before, and who better than me to say to them? Sharing the ups and downs of the roller coaster trip that is my life with my voice and vision is crucial.

A previous effort to produce a biography of Madonna was unsuccessful because the performer herself voiced strong objections to the screenplay on various social media platforms. Elyse Hollander’s script, which she penned and titled Blond Ambition, was ranked number one on the Black List in 2016 as the most nuanced unproduced screenplay. 

In spite of this, Madonna said in 2017 that “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen.” I can only tell my narrative. Everyone else who attempts it is a phony and a dupe. Why on earth would Universal Studios want to film a movie about me based on a story filled with nothing but lies?

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Garner was recently featured in the Netflix series Inventing Anna, which is about high society con artist Anna Sorokin. To this day, her most high-profile film role to date was the lead in The Assistant, which was directed by Kitty Green and is a drama about harassment in the film business.

After the London-based comedy-drama Filth and Wisdom, which was released in 2008, and the Wallis Simpson/Edward VIII biography W.E., which was released in 2012, Madonna would make her directorial debut with the biopic, which would be Julia Garner   third feature film overall. Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian described the film Filth and Wisdom as “a nightmare of crass and fatuous stereotypes,” The film W.E. was described as “one long humorless and necrophiliac swoon at the Windsors’ supposed tragi-romantic glamour.” Neither film received particularly favorable reviews.


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