Jungkook of BTS and Charlie Puth have confirmed that they will be collaborating, and they have released a new video in which they play a preview of their song Left and Right.


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Charlie Puth has just released a new video in which he confirms that he collaborated with Jungkook, a member of BTS, on the new song “Left and Right.” They also previewed a portion of the music for potential listeners in a video.

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Jungkook, a member of BTS, and Charlie Puth have stated that they will be working together on a new track. In the same video in which they broke the news, the pair also revealed the song’s title and played a short clip from it as a preview. The post was inundated with comments from devoted followers who expressed excitement about the song’s forthcoming release.

On Friday, Charlie posted a video on Instagram in which he and Jungkook discussed how to perform a portion of their upcoming tune. At the beginning of the video, Charlie can be seen singing the phrases “memories follow me left to right” and then asking Jungkook to repeat them after her. After praising Jungkook’s performance as “perfect,” he instructed the BTS member to sing the following lyrics, “I can feel it over here,” from both the left and right sides of the microphone, in keeping with the song’s title Left and Right. Jungkook did so in a playful manner after receiving the request.

After that, Charlie requested that Jungkook put everything together, and after that, the BTS member performed a clip of their song, complete with the accompanying background music. After that, Charlie said, “This is going to be nuts.” The video received much positive feedback from the singers’ followers, but Jungkook’s supporters dominated the comments area. One commenter referred to Jungkook as “the love of my life,” while another said that “The way he leapt so sweetly” was one of the cutest things about Jungkook. Thirdly, one of them commented, “First collaboration with Jungkook, and I am delighted.”

This song will be included on Charlie’s next self-titled album, which will be released on June 24 and will be available for pre-order at that time. Fans had put two and two together long ago since Charlie had been dropping hints that something significant was on the horizon. This is the first time Charlie and Jungkook have announced that they will work together. When asked who would be singing “Left and Right” alongside him, Charlie’s most recent response was “September 1,” which is Jungkook’s birthday. This was one of the most significant clues Charlie has ever dropped.


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