Just before BTS announced their vacation, Jin hinted at a solo variety show and said he wanted to enjoy himself and be ‘happy’ on his own.


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Jin said that in the past, he would get disheartened at the prospect of completing things by himself, but that trait of his nature has since changed. On Tuesday, BTS members announced they would concentrate more on their professions.

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On Tuesday, members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of the K-pop band BTS announced that they would focus more on their careers than the band itself. Jin had discussed having fun on his own in an interview that was made public only hours before they made the news at their annual Festa dinner. He had also dropped hints about the possibility of doing a solo variety show.

Awake, Epiphany, and Moon are the names of the three solo compositions Jin of BTS has previously collaborated on writing and releasing with the band. Jin’s actual name is Kim Seok-jin. During the most recent interview, he discussed solo ventures and mentioned how difficult it was for him to take care of things by himself.

In an interview with Reverse magazine, he discussed putting up a presentation by himself, “When I was younger, whenever I had to do a task, I would always act as if it were a major obstacle to overcome. As in, How am I going to deal with something this significant right now? My personality used to be quite discouraging, but I believe that it has significantly evolved since then. I think the most significant shift in my mindset is that today, even if there is a significant project in the works, I believe I can complete it. When I’m writing music for other people to listen to, I no longer ask myself, “How can I manage this?” Instead, I tell myself, “I can handle this! ”

The singer, who disclosed that it was part of his new personality by releasing a new version of Epiphany in BTS’ latest album evidence, said that it was because he does what he wants when he wants, which is a part of his new personality. Jin said, “he wants to be able to have fun on his own too without inconveniencing anyone else,” when asked whether this is his approach to establishing a balance between the band and his personal life. “He wants to have fun alone, too, without inconveniencing anybody else.”


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