KenVince, a known rapper, has proven his dedication to his work.


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Music can motivate and bring joy to people from their darkest moments in life. Music is a potent form of art. The amount of effort determines the musical skills that one puts in; it is a way of life that one chooses to adopt. One such artist is KenVince, a known rapper and producer who has proven to the world how dedicated he is about his work.

KenVince’s childhood was the formative period shaping his future likes and dislikes and the talents he wanted to cultivate. Since he wasn’t really into sports, he decided to join the drumline was the best route for him, so he pursued it. By 13, he read music and did poetry open mic. KenVince was born in Detroit, a place not known for its level of security and safety in day-to-day life. Yet this environment allowed the musician to spread his wings and learn to differentiate between good and bad influences. If nothing more, his confidence shows that KenVince is someone who has sought his path out by himself and has overcome every hurdle face on. Apart from his family, many inspired him to be a better person and scale new heights daily. Famous people such as Barack Obama, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Eminem are all individuals he considers his idols in his professional and personal life. They can balance both aspects of life while also maintaining self-composure, which is admirable. KenVince has got recognition for his music. He has been a sound technician for the Royal Caribbean International cruise line and has done excellent in his albums and single releases. KenVince looks forward to contributing to the world of music and networking so that he can radiate the positive vibes he always had.

In the future, KenVince wants to prove his capacity as an MC Producer, rapper, innovator to all those who didn’t believe in him. To learn more about KenVince, follow him on Instagram – @kenusmile4me.


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