KK’s son Nakul Krishna pays an emotional tribute to his father and recalls him by sharing images.


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In a heartfelt statement that he penned for the late artist, KK’s son Nakul Krishna expressed his gratitude by stating that his father and buddy had “stupendously high” living standards.

Nakul Krishna, son of the late musician KK, sent a heartfelt letter to his father as he reflected on all the happy times they had together. On May 31, KK passed away in Kolkata after becoming unwell during a performance he was giving at a concert. Three weeks after the singer’s passing, Nakul came to his Instagram account to mourn him and share that he has been suffering physically due to losing him.

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Nakul wrote in the captions of many images he had shared of them both: “It took me some time to process what occurred three weeks ago and come to grips with it. Even now, I am experiencing a physical ache that seems like someone is choking me or as if someone is standing on my chest. I wanted to say anything or share anything about my dad, but by the time I realised what a state of shock was, I was rendered speechless and mute. I now understand what it’s like to be in actual suffering, and I’ve only just come to terms with the privilege you’ve bestowed upon me. I don’t mean the advantage of living a pleasant life; I’ve always been aware that I’ve been privileged in that sense. The ability to see you go about your daily life has been the greatest blessing I’ve ever been given.”

Nakul, a singer, continued, “There are so many individuals who only wanted to see you once or be in your company once that even a brief hug would make them quake with excitement. And there we were, basking in the glow of your affection and feeling it wash over us at every turn. I had the chance to witness everything from your point of view, including how you interacted with other people and how enthusiastic you were about everything you did, particularly singing. How selflessly you loved everyone around you. only concentrating on the benefits and paying no attention at all to the unfavourable aspects at all.”


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