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As badly as we wanted it to end, lockdown has again knocked upon our doors, this time with a grave warning of covid surge. Seeing the current deteriorating situation of the pandemic, it is hard to tell when the end is near (end of the lockdown obviously, should it work otherwise too?).

Students would again be bored sitting all day long at home doing nothing more than the academic assignments and listening to the lectures of their parents and teachers. Those who got tired of doing work from home, must be questioning the god himself!

Anyway here’s the list of things you could use this lockdown to become a better version of yourself:


Meditate: Concentrate on one thing and sit quietly, discipline your mind and then see for yourself. Meditation has known to stop overthinking and complexity of people’s minds. It relieves the internal stress and would help you to focus on things more important than those that are futile and momentary.

Learn a new skill:  Be it a language, an instrument, an online course, computer language, cooking skills, dancing, etc. You would not get this ‘free’ time back, so take a seat and decide what skill you always wanted to achieve and work on it. This is your time and maybe your only shot.

Help your parents: As it turns out humans beings are mortal and death eventually eats away a person. So what are you waiting for? You don’t know about the future, do you? Help them in day to day chores, do the laundry, do the dishes, make them feel special. After-all, they have an enormously big hand in nurturing you into who you are today.

Grow a garden: Increasing pollution is a very, very big concern, but planting small plantlets at your home is a little task. But it seems, the environmentalists think that this little start could be the beginning of a huge maintenance work. The work needed to bring back life into our sick planet. Start from today, segregate wastes, put your mind into saving the planet. Only then the planet would save you.

Breaking bad habits

Break bad habits: Make a schedule, stick to it. The lockdown gives us the freedom to do whatever we want to do. Practice those habits that you wish to keep in your life. Work on yourself, breaking a bad habit is not as easy as it seems, some people even start content writing to shift their focus from something that is disturbing their mental peace. You are still better than some people.


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