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The horror movie Nope has made Logan Paul receive various jokes for his criticism. He wrote his reasons in ten points and even gave advice to Jordan Peele. This has offended many fans of this horror movie, and divided Twitter. Let’s look at his take and how things later went on.

Logan Paul On The Movie “Nope”

Logan Paul has returned with his monkeyshines on Twitter. The old opponent of KSI has trolled Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer for their work, ‘Nope’. He tweeted,  “Nope is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.”

Although he strongly put forward the critical review of the movie he also praised Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer, as the lead actress. The YouTuber gave unsolicited advice to the Oscar-winning writer, director and producer Jordan Peele in storytelling.  He then listed a total of 10 movie scenes which left him perplexed. In these points, he gave spoilers to many scenes and questioned the reasoning behind each of them. Later, he continued his remarks by saying the movie was objectively slow and confusing, then criticized Barbie Ferreira’s role. According to him, Barbie’s role was downplayed, due to which she couldn’t unleash her whole potential.

The WWE wrestler Logan Paul didn’t pause there, he carried on with “I can feel him attempting to recreate the shock from Get Out and Us. Mystery, violent allure & cinematic choices made for the sake of reaction instead of a legitimate contribution to the storyline killed this movie for me.  ” Even though he praised Peele for the creative visuals in the movie, his previous opinions didn’t align well with social media users. Logan Paul Gets Trolled By Netizens Many Twitter users didn’t take well Paul’s words, this resulted in the floods of tweets slamming Logan Paul.

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The tweets depicted that Nope is a condemnation of the behavior that made Logan Paul famous. The intelligence of the host of Impaulsive was mocked thoroughly. Someone responded to his tweets, “It’s ok. The target audience fоr this kind оf mоvie isn’t yоu.” He was even laughed at for his love for DC and Marvel. However, the comedian drew out the end of this whole conversation as a hoax due to his self-awareness. Jullie, a Twitter user quoted, “Very interesting that Logan Paul didn’t understand a movie in which one of the key themes is how people will do anything for a spectacle and/or attention” Several people reminded the podcast host about his overnight internet cancellation after recording a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. Why Are People angry? Fans of the Oscar-winner Jordan Peele waited for the movie “Nope” eagerly. Nope was released on July 22 of 2022, and the horror movie is believed to be the symbolic representation of surveillance and loss of privacy.

Many netizens believed it was ironic how the social media personality couldn’t comprehend the genuine message of the movie. Others find Paul’s opinion vague and hilarious and reminded him of his movies such as The Thinning, Airplane Mode, Valley Girl, and Can’t Take It Back. “Ah yes, Logan Paul, Star of Airplane mode wants to talk about “worst movies I’ve seen in a long time” buddy you have been in mostly garbage.” -Jerome, another Twitter user In conclusion, his criticism of the horror movie “Nope” has caused rampant on Twitter. He has been trolled and mocked. Various memes about his review are floating everywhere. Even after Logan’s severe critical review, Nope has earned the 2nd position for online streaming in the U.S.


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