‘My Little Yoni’: Guide to Help Kids with Sexual Education


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‘My Little Yoni’ is a sort of vagina superhero created by sexual wellness entrepreneur Ariel Saint White.

There are ‘My Little Yoni’ toys and books available, to lighten up and guide sexual ed conversations for younger kids.

Ariel Saint White has over 15 years of experience int the sexual wellness space. She is an artist and a successful entrepreneur who wishes to normalise ex and female autonomy in childhood.

Ariel Saint White

According to her kids should be taught to understand the changes in their bodies. While boys should be able to recognise that the female body has to be respected.

This was the world imagined by Saint White when she first founded My Little Yoni.

In this project she was helped by OBGYN Dr. Debra Wickman. She told that Yoni is a character who comes to life in toys and books and is “the world’s first vagina superhero”.

Yoni is an evocative of a vulva yet comfortably nonsexual. Dr. Wickman said that Yoni “not only teaches the importance of all kids learning proper anatomy, but promotes body positivity, respect, and consent in an age appropriate way.”

Creating change at the root level

Ariel aims to provide doctor-approved sex education and tools to moms and kids. She wants to create systematic change at the root level.

Her basic goal is to provide them with all-inclusive sex ed that sanctions better choices and shame-free growth.

She spoke with many moms to understand their concerns regarding this.

Parents do not know how to address these subjects with their children. And as it is seen, neither the schools are trying to provide them with early, accurate and positive sex ed.

Therefore, Yoni comes into picture. “We have to stop expecting schools to provide this crucial education and instead help parents address these topics directly inside the home, leading to immediate, positive change that prepares our kids for the future,” notes Saint White.

“Since most parents don’t know where to start, we wanted to make the process easier and more approachable, and My Little Yoni was a way to do that.” She, added.

The conversation doesn’t have to be so heavy

My Little Yoni has a brightly colored body and a heart-shaped face.

Many parents believe that Yoni makes the subject more approachable as it is basically a toy. It just makes it a relaxed topic of discussion.

Having Yoni around the home from a young age enables questions from children that drive these challenging conversations, removing shame and supporting kids to be curious and even lead the discussion.

Starting this kind of communication at an early age helps girls feel in charge of their own bodies. It helps them overcome numerous issues from insecurity, to engaging in sexual activity before they are ready, to bullying.

Making magic

Gradually Yoni dolls are becoming a favourite among new mothers.

Ariel has written Yoni Magic, a 10-part book series. It offers shame-free, medically accurate education on various topics.

These topics include periods, how babies are made, gender identity, LGBTQ+, consent, and many more. All these topics are beautifully depicted with eye-catching brightly colored illustrations.


Her first book called “Yoni Magic: The Amazing Truth” released in 2020. The book talks about vulva anatomy, the internal reproductive system, and how to treat vulva owners with respect.

The entire series will soon be published in June 2021.


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