Netflix films and Shows to binge in June 2021


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Looking for something to binge-watch? Here we have some films and shows available on Netflix, that are a must watch.

1.Sweet Tooth

This new fantasy movie is net years after “The Great Crumble”. This led to the mysterious emergence of hybrids – people who are born half human, half animal.

The film revolves around a hybrid deer-boy who ultimately forms a good bond with a wandering loner. Then the two go on an astonishing adventure, leaving behind the treacherous world, to find a true home.

It was inspired by the DC Vertigo Sweet Tooth comic books by Jeff Lemire. The Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. is the executive producer of this eight-episode series.

Release date: June 4

2.Lupin: Part 2

Lupin, the French heist drama is returning on Netflix with its second part. Gentleman burglar, Assane Diop is pursued by Hubert and his henchmen.

Assane struggles to find his son Raoul who’s been kidnapped and finds himself with an unlikely new ally. He lures up an impressive plan to reveal Hubert’s crime.

Release date: June 11

3.Sweet & Sour

K-drama fans will be thrilled to know the arrival of the Korean movie, Sweet & Sour.

In this film, Jang Hyuk wants the best for his love and work but soon finds himself being distracted by two women. His girlfriend Da-eun is a hardworking nurse who is unsatisfied with her job.

He is also forced to compete against his college colleague Bo-yeong.

This romance movie will surely leave us rooting for either Da-eun or Bo-yeong.

Release date: June 4


Trese is based on a Filipino comic series.

The story takes place in Manila where fabled creatures from Philippine folklore hide amongst humans. Dark supernatural forces try to control the criminal underworld and it’s up to Alexandra Trese to keep the peace but there’s no stopping it.

Release date: June 11

4.Rurouni Kenshin: The Final

The highly popular Rurouni Kenshin movie series based on the Rurouni Kenshin manga is back.

The film follows the story of Kenshin who comes face to face with his past once again when Yukishiro Enishi, the brother of his first late wife, Tomoe, appears in Tokyo to punish Kenshin for the death of his sister.

Expect a high-stakes battle and a lot of sword-fighting.

Release date: June 18

5.The World is Tricky

This Indian film is about a clever, carefree gangster who is recruited to help a foreign crime lord take down a rival. But he’s caught off guard by the decent problems that follow.

It features Indian actor Dhanush with a Scottish actor James Cosmo, who is making his Indian film debut.

Release date: June 18


Fatherhood is a heartwarming; funny and emotional true story that follows Kevin Hart who’s struggling to raise his daughter after the unexpected death of his wife.

Release date: June 18


It is Netflix’s upcoming K-drama series. 

The story follows Park Jae-uhn, a happy-go-lucky student that never allows himself to develop deep feelings for others. Meanwhile, fellow student Yoo Na-bi had a bitter experience with her first love so she doesn’t believe in romance anymore.

But when their paths cross, they instantly hit it off. Gradually they start opening up and changing their view of love. As with any Korean drama, we can expect fluff, tears and heartwarming moments.

Release date: June 20


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