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If you are a sucker for a rom-com movie then Netflix’s latest release “A Perfect Pairing” is right for you. The movie stars Victoria Justice who brings charm to her strong-willed character of Lola and Adam Demos as a blue-eyed heart stealer playing the character of Max Vaughn.


The story follows Lola, an executive who quits her job in order to pursue her dream of starting her own wine company. She flies to Australia to meet her potential client- Vaughn Family, but they refused to work with her new company. To show them that she’s a hard worker and not a quitter, she starts working on their sheep farm.

In the beginning, she can’t cope up with the work because she isn’t used to such a lifestyle but Max (the station manager) trains her. The two become closer. But Max has a secret that he is hiding. 

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On Rotten Tomatoes the movie got generally positive reviews with Film critic Aurora Amidon even going on to the extent of saying that Lola is a “refreshingly inspirational female character. The film however has received some criticism as well. It has a rating of 6.1 on IMDB.

REVIEWS on “A Perfect Pairing” –

Victoria Justice has great acting skills and physical comedic timing. Her facial expressions are the cherry on the top. Adam Demos on the other hand brings his own charm. The two have unbelievable chemistry. The entire cast is amazing and every character felt fully established in the story. The scenery and shooting locations are amazing and the cinematography is perfect.

What is amazing about this story is that it is not highly unrealistic. It portrays two 30+-year-olds and how they find each other attractive. It is practical and focuses on the protagonist’s career and ambition whereas attraction is a side story. There is also no unnecessary drama between the actors which makes this movie top-notch.

Overall, it is a Super Cute Movie! Is it predictable? A tad, Corny? Cheesy? Yes, but you’ll still love it if you are a fan of rom-com. 


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