One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Makes a ‘nostalgic’ Comment on Zayn Malik


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It’s been seven years since Zayn Mallik left One Direction. After a video of him singing the band’s song ‘Night changes’ went viral his fellow bandmate, Louis Tomlinson made a ‘Nostalgic’ comment about him. Fans couldn’t stop their excitement after hearing him sing this iconic song.

Tomlinson’s command on Zayn Malik

In the recent tweets( Louise replied to a fan on Twitter about Mallik’s video. He responded by saying that “It was great to see him reminiscing on the One Direction days.” On August 15, Zayn shared a 30 minutes clip of himself on Instagram. The ‘Pillow talk’ singer was singing the verse, “Everything that you ever dreamt of disappearing when you, but there’s nothing to be afraid of even when the night changes, it will never change me and you”, which from the One Direction’s famous song ‘Night Changes. It is also the last song of Zayn in the band.


After this video fans are now demanding a reunion of One Direction. It’s a really joyful moment for the fans. In 2015, the two singers were seen publicly fighting over Louis tweeting things about their producer of Malik. Moreover, after leaving the band in many interviews Zayn said he isn’t on good terms with his fellow band members. But after Tomlinson’s comment, we can assume they resolve their differences.

Apart from that, During a May episode of ‘Impaulsive with Logan Paulwith’, he also said that he’ll stand by Zayn’s side in spite of many reasons. It shows despite having differences Louis will always care for him.

Zayn was in a lot of limelight after the alleged ‘abuse’ of his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s mother Youlanda Hadid. Youlanda even filed a case against the 29-year-old singer. The couple who have a daughter together broke up after this flight.

However, it’s really an emotional moment for the One Direction fans to see their favourite singers complementing each other.

We hope this talented singer will shine in his life!

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