Pandemic: How To Spread Healthy Outlook.


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The pandemic had begun in March 2020 and has still not ended yet. Death rates are rising each day at a lightening speed. At this time, it is very difficult to keep a healthy mindset, with minimum negativity and without toxic positivity. News sites are constantly being flooded with horrifying posts every minute.

The whole environment is a saddened and grieving for human loss. In this situation, what can someone do to keep the stress and anxiety at bay? Keeping in mind that endless families and friends might be suffering from mental trauma and tragic demise of their loved ones, what could we do to support ourselves and others at this time.


Acceptance is the first step in dealing with something that has been eating away your peace of mind. Accepting that the world is facing a terrible pandemic and the times are hard for everyone could shift your focus from the ‘only me’ mentality. Accepting that endless people are dying each day and there is very little you could do to prevent it. Accepting that this condition might last another year or many more years. Accepting that you have to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of infection. Accepting isolation if exposed. Accepting all the norms and precautions and following them.


After you have accepted the cause for your heartache. Now you will have to come to terms with the fact that you are feeling sad about it. Coming in terms with your trauma and finding it hiding inside your subconsciousness could help you a lot. Know that, ‘this’ happened with you in the past and ‘this this’ might happen with you or your family in the future. Prepare to fight against this. It more in your head than it is on the earth. Degrading your mental health when you need to be vigilant and smart could cost a life.


Many people aren’t as lucky as others. People are suffering from incomprehensible things and there is more to add to it. Many families are breaking. Many parents are dying. Many are lost. Many are suffering from trauma. If you are in contact with any person who has experienced it worse than you, then support them. Tell them, you are there for them. Tell them that there are ups and downs in life, and currently we are facing a massive down in our lives. Tell them we are going to grow out stronger than before. Tell them that god is examining us. Try to sway your mind onto other important things in life.


What’s in the past could never be unchanged. Remember, that you have fought a battle and even if you didn’t win, it’s okay. Remember those who left us during this pandemic. Remember those who lost their loved ones. Remember those who fought to save their loved ones. Remember to keep a check on those you’re in contact with. Remember that darkness doesn’t last forever and you are going to drag yourself and others out of this downfall.


  1. It’s great! Maintaining mental health is this pandemic is very important. Having hope and faith is what we need right now to get through this. Thanks for uploading this. Keep up the great work.


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