People In Uttarakhand Detect Aliens in a Bizarre Incident


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We all have grown up watching or listening to one or the other tales about Aliens or unidentified objects or just rather strange unknown organisms that can’t be registered on the booklist of earth. But today that might come true. In a bizarre incident, people in Uttarakhand, India experienced a similar fictitious encounter.


The people were rather shocked and surprised other than being scared. The alien-like figure was seen walking on the road in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh on Saturday. Speculations say that it could have been a prank or some artificial intelligence stunt. But nobody knows the reality!


A viral video clip has also surfaced on Twitter and has gained quite a few strange remarks and comments. In the viral clasp, the outsider-like figure can be seen strolling down the Chadwa Dam bridge in obscurity.


A few bystanders have recorded the episode after seeing the abnormal look of the animal. Individuals halted their vehicle to discover what it was passing on the highway around evening time.


Netizens have left astonished in the wake of seeing the video and overwhelmed the Internet with different startling remarks. A few clients called it outsider while a couple of people trusted it to be a human.


A few days prior, the US Navy officers also seem to have spotted unidentified flying objects across their ships. There have been many incidents in the past that still have no decent explanation for their existence or occurrence. One might simply call it an aliens activity.


There have been many movies regarding this concept as well. Speaking of the infamous theory that surrounds Area 51 and its relations with alien invasions and experimentations. But at the end of the day, no one knows what’s real and what’s behind the camera. Being locked up inside our homes, have in a way taken away the reality of life from us.


People that once were very skeptical are now believing anything that goes on the internet.


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