Reneé Rapp Opened up About the Traumatic Experiences That Inspired Her New Song ‘Snow Angel’


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Actress-singer Reneé Rapp shared the traumatic experience that led to the creation of her new song ‘Snow Angel’. In the September 4 episode of the On Purpose podcast, she recalled the moment when her simple party with friends took some horrific turn. 

Reneé still don’t know how to feel about the incident 

The singer-actress told the host Jay Shetty how she ended up in the bathroom with blood in her pants.

“I had blood on my pants, and I was just so caught off guard… I was completely alone in a bathroom stall and I looked down at my phone and it was 5 in the morning, and I was like, ‘What happened?!'” She said. “I had missed two texts from two people I was with from 10 p.m. the night before.”

“I was drugged, and I had just been missing for seven hours,” the singer said. “I stopped being friends with those people and stopped doing as much partying as I was doing. I told my parents, told some of my friends. I explained it in a very matter-of-fact way, and they were all very concerned and I didn’t even understand what was happening.”

Moreover, she shared the reason for writing the song in this incident,” I had been saying… ‘I really want to write a song about this.’ I recounted the situation so many times, and after the 10th time of telling a group of people that, you know, that you were drugged, and have no idea what happened… [and they just seem shocked or uncomfortable] then you kind of stop wanting to write that song.”

Rapp acknowledges her friend and co-writer, Alexander 23, for encouraging her through the writing process. 

“We started writing it, and it was just the two of us. And the entire time I was writing it, I felt nothing… Until we recorded the song and the whole thing was done and I played it for my friends and my manager and everybody was like, ‘This is insane,'” she revealed. “But for me, that whole year of my life was inherent resilience.”

Moreover, she still “don’t know how I feel about it,” and just knows that the incident “feel weird… and very resilient.”

She also revealed she wasn’t in touch with the group.

“I was just like, ‘I don’t care what you know or what you claim to know or don’t know,'” the actress-singer explained. “I just want to let it go.”

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