Spain to Reopen as EU Votes for Digital Passports


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Spain hopes to reopen for foreign travellers from June. The country is waiting for an EU-wide digital certificate to go before the parliament.

In May, a pilot test will take place so that they would know weather Spain is ready for oversea travellers or not. Tourism minister Fernando Valdes said recently.

Currently, the European Union has been working on a digital pass, to be used in summer holidays.

This pass would cover for ever person who is vaccinated against Covid-19. Also, the ones who have tested negative or have recovered recently would be able to use this pass.

In order to help ease local lockdowns, many countries have already started using digital or paper passes.

In Mexico, at a travel conference, Mr Valdes said that Spain would be “ready in June to tell all travellers worldwide that you can visit us”.

Therefore, as said by Mr Valdes, non-European tourism would be dependent on the EU’s digital green certificate.

For a long time, Spain has been a favourite destination for British holidaymakers. But it seems, they have to wait for several months to find out if they can start booking.

For the people in England the leisure travel could resume from May 17. It would take place under Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap to decrease restrictions.

The UK government would also set out categories, which country falls in the “green”, “amber” and “red” categories. This new risk-based traffic light system would determine testing and quarantine requirements for travellers when they return from various countries.

How will the passes work?

A QR code is the key to the EU’s digital certificate. The EU’s commission is working with the World Health Organization to make sure that the certificate is recognised beyond Europe.

With the US getting vaccinated this week, the travellers from the US could be able to visit Europe this summer.

The UK government is also planning to launch a digital system for international travel that would prove traveller’s vaccination status.

Numerous other countries have started unveiling their own passport systems.

In Denmark, an app called Coronapas is used to allow customers who been vaccinated or recovered to enter bars, cafes and restaurants.

Israel, has too started something similar in this crisis. Since the country has the highest levels of vaccinations in the world, it allows people to use hotels, gyms and theatres.

The “Green pass” has also created travel opportunities for Israeli citizens, following deals with Greece and Cyprus.




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