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Taylor swift become Forbes 2022’s Highest-Paid Female Entertainer

Taylor swift

Taylor swift (Google)

Taylor swift achieved one of the biggest milestones again. The Grammy winner snatched the title of the Highest-Paid Female Entertainer of 2022 from Forbes magazine. Swift currently has been in a lot of limelight for her hit album ‘Midnight’ which created history in the Billboard Hot 100 list. It became the first album that’s all single feature in the top ten list. Moreover, it’s also become one of the best-selling albums ever. So, it’s not shocking to see Swift top the highest-paid entertainer list.

Taylor swift is in the Ninth Spot on the list

The 33-year-old makes a lot from her popularity, streaming royalties, licensing fees and other income streams which are because of her 2022 hit album. Taylor’s estimated net worth is around 92$ million this year.

The ‘Anti-Hero’ singer could have earned more as the Forbes list explained, “Crashing Ticketmaster with insane demand for her Midnights tour in November suggests an even bigger 2023 for her, as she’ll be on the road for 52 nights across the U.S. with a potential 9-figure payout as a result.”

Undoubtedly, 92 million is a large figure. However, she ranked in 9th position in the top 10 of the Highest-paid entertainer list.

Rock group Genesis topped the list because Concord Music Group bought their catalogue in September for $300 million.

Moreover, Sting came in second for selling their $300 million catalogue to the Universal Music Group. The third place is taken by Tyler Perry with the $175 million earned last year. Meanwhile, the fourth place is occupied by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone with 160 million.

Therefore, the fifth and sixth place is taken by TV creators James L. Brooks and Matt Groening who are the makers of The Simpsons and actor Brad Pitt respectively with 105$ and 100$ million.

Other places were taken by The Rolling Stones earning $98 million, James Cameron $95 million, and Bad Bunny $88.

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