Technology: How Machines Might Take Over Our Planet


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Human beings are intellectual, mortal creatures. Prodigy minds have since, early life, contributed in developing the simplicity of living with technology. They have invented many devices, aiding to reduce human effort in general. Factories, Industries, Hospitals, Garages, etc., are loaded with millions of machines, involving bare human requirement.

Although humans are the masterminds behind all these technological-devices/ machines, it is in a way dreadful, to see how efficiently these machines work. Even though their working is highly hooked on human actions, it is still worthy to think that in near future, they might operate themselves entirely and control us, humans.

In the current pandemic time as well, the dependence on technology has increased exponentially. Parents are buying laptops and mobile phones for their kids, just to ensure proper education for their children. Work from home is highly dependent on your computer devices. The internet connections work in order to connect you to the widespread network of communication. Cars, Airplanes, etc., could now function with just a click! Isn’t it scary?

We are literally dependent on technology for even simple tasks:


  1. Automated transportation: The automation of controlling systems in trains, airline, aircrafts, automobiles, locomotives and urban mass-transit systems has been much of a success. Usage of computerized reservation systems to continuously monitor speed, security, distance and route has made the transportation management fairly easy.Automobiles
  2. Health care: Automatic computer system controls that record and display data of each patient has improved the health care services alongside relieving the burden on medical staffs. Although, there is a hope to displace routinely and repetitive tasks done by nurses in the future. Robotics could revolutionize the future health care systems.Healthcare Technology
  3. Education: No doubt that the technology has expanded access to education. Gigantic amounts of information in the form of e-books, audio, images, videos could be easily accessed via the Internet. Online platforms are feasibly exploited in order to continue the education during the pandemic (covid-19). They provide an immense technology to carry out conversation between a teacher and a student.Education technology
  4. Consumer devices: Day-to-day products and appliances are of great importance. Microwave ovens, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, televisions, geysers and other household appliances have been automated for easy use. Consumers just have to start the appliance and select the required functions using a series of buttons. These might include: timing, power levels, cycle options, etc.Household Appliances
  5. Digital media: Digital media is a mixture of technology and content. Social media, weather apps, video games, data visualization, animation, location-based services, food apps, news apps, etc., provide a new platform for engagement and connection. These are also used in order to assess the products of other industries. While simultaneously providing a stage to question those in power. Digital media could be applied in entertainment, health, education, marketing and advertising, government, television, sports, e-commerce, environment and many other industries as well.Digital Media

Impact on Human Life:

Enhancements in technology has in a way lead to replacement of human labor. Automated systems are generally more accurate, efficient and trustable than any human service. An increase in population has in a way increased the demand for automated appliances. The overall effect of robotics on labor though, has been relatively minor. These robotics are installed in a meager numbers as compared to the total human work force that is required to control them. But in future, there is a chance of total replacement.



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