The Earth’s Invisible Protective Shield-OZONE


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There is a proper Ozone layer protection in the atmospheric layer called, the Stratosphere. Most of this protective atmospheric ozone is concentrated about 9 to 18 miles (15 to 35 km) above the Earth’s surface.

Had it not been for this layer, the Ultra Violet present from our dear star could burn away our skin, give us skin cancer, setting ablaze forests and animals and pretty much everything would be on fire!

Turns out, sun is a gazillion times more powerful than we take it for. The harmful Ultra Violet Radiations that are an enormous gift from the star of the solar system, could be way much stronger than we could imagine. But we don’t really imagine, do we? Well, our earth has taken care of the give and take business with the star.

Thanks to this ozone layer protective coat, that blocks up to 99% of UV-C rays (the most omnipotent one), 90% UV-B rays (the dangerous one) and 50-60% of UV-A rays (the little less dangerous one). Well, it mostly absorbs 95-97% of the total UV rays that the sun subjects towards the earth.

But we humans aren’t that much thankful, are we? We have set out to destroy each and everything that has been nicely planned and put up by the heavenly forces. We are a great force! The excessive usage of Chloro-Fluro Carbons (CFCs) inside our refrigerators, air conditioners, aerosol sprays, etc., has degraded a portion of this protective coat.

The world is also facing global warming which, accounts for temperature, climate and weather changes. This is also one of the consequences of the destruction of the ozone layer. To put the damage under control the governments (globally under the aegis of the UN) came into action organizing a Vienna Convention and launching of the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol (an international agreement) was established in 1987 to put a ban on substances that deplete the Ozone Layer. It was designed to ban the production and import of ozone depleting substances like CFCs and thereby reducing their levels in the atmosphere.

Thanks to the stringent checking and control steps taken. The ozone layer has started to heal again. Ozone layer Depletion lead to the launching of Montreal Protocol, and celebration of 16th September as ‘The World Ozone Day’.


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