Top 5 Clothing Hacks, Everyone Must Know


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Here are 5 clothing hacks which would help you save time and keep you fresh and put together:

#1. Deodorant Skidmarks

Shower + Deodorant + Shirt = Skidmarks

You people must have noticed lines on clean shirts whenever you use a deodorant. This happens to me all the times. I’ve tried using a tissue or even a wet towel but it just leaves giant wet spots – that might be worse than skidmarks! But don’t you worry, I have a wonderful solution for you:

Use a dry sponge. It has a tendency to remove even the annoying deodorant stains like magic.

#2. Shoe Polish

Using a shoe polish to polish your shoes is one thing. But if I say that banana peel could also help in shoe polishing, you wouldn’t believe me. So, here’s the hack:

Rub the inner lining of the banana peel all over the leather on the outside of your shoes. Then buff them up with a soft cloth and voila! Shoes are as good as new.

#3. Anti-Wrinkle

I hate ironing cloths. It’s so boring. And with the days being so busy not everyone has the time to iron cloths. That’s why I use a hair straightener to get out mini-wrinkles.

Obviously, you can’t use this hack to iron the whole shirt but it helps you save a lot of time. If you want to iron out the front of your shirt or collar, straightener acts as a life saver, especially while traveling.

#4. Smelly Pits

Most of you would have experienced those nasty yellowish, brownish circles around the pits of your shirts. You know what I’m talking about? However, I can help you with your smelly shirts too!

You just need to spritz a little bit of lemon juice on the stains before you wash your shirt. It will help break down the stain. Then wash it with bleach and leave it in the sun to dry. Sun acts as a natural bleacher and will make your shirt smell fresh too.

#5. Stinky Shoes

If your shoes have foul smell and you don’t want to stink up the place then I have the perfect hack to your problem. Actually a few hacks:

  • Put them in the freezer for 24 hours. This can kill most odors.
  • Put them in the hot sun for a day to air out (but don’t let them get damp in morning mist or overnight).
  • If you can wash your tennis shoes or canvas shoes, first coat them in baking soda and wash them with your normal detergent.

Follow these hacks and make a great first impression.




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