What causes sudden dizziness while standing up?


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Do you feel dizziness while standing up? If yes then don’t worry it can happen to anyone. Still, it may be worth checking with your doctor.

According to Lia F. Crispell, certified registered nurse practitioner at ConvenientCare in Wilkes-Barre – 

“The feeling that you’re about to faint is called ‘presyncope,’ it happens when the brain doesn’t get enough blood, oxygen or glucose to function properly, even momentarily.”

Common causes of dizziness

People with presyncope usually don’t think about the problem much and move forward with their day.

“This isn’t a good idea since some of the causes can be serious. It’s always best to get a diagnosis from a doctor,” says Crispell.

Other causes can include:


Orthostatic hypertension

This condition is also called postural hypertension. It is the head rush that you feel at times when you stand.

It can happen more often if you are of age and under medication.

Heart arrhythmia

It is also known as an abnormal heart rate and happens when your beats too fast, too slow or in a way that causes a sudden decrease in the blood supply to your brain.

This can make you feel faint.


Sometimes the medicines prescribed for pain, heart conditions and high blood pressure can cause dizziness since it affects your circulatory system.

But if it happens frequently, talk to a doctor.


If your fluid intake is not enough then it can cause nausea, weakness, dizziness. But the solution to this is pretty easy – rehydrate yourself and you’re all set.


Lack of healthy red blood cells or haemoglobin in your blood causes anaemia. 

The major symptom of this problem is tiredness which can make you feel dizzy and faint.

Autonomic neuropathy

This nerve disease disrupts electrical signals between your brain and heart, blood vessels and sweat glands. 

Because of this, you can feel faintness as it affects your heart rate and blood pressure.



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