What issues do ladies talk about the most on Twitter, uncovered from the review of Twitter


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Today nearly everybody is dynamic via web-based media. Just 1.75 crore individuals from India use Twitter. Simultaneously, the quantity of Facebook clients has crossed 41 million. Ladies are likewise remembered for online media clients and they share their perspectives with their companions like others, however in the event that you are asked on which issue ladies talk about most via web-based media, at that point possibly you have an answer No

Twitter has led a study not long before Women’s Day in which studies have been done about ladies’ tweets and issues. In this overview of Twitter, 700 ladies have partaken, whose 5,22,992 tweets have been contemplated. The tweet of ladies has been concentrated in 19 urban areas in the country in nine classifications. This overview incorporates tweets made between January 2019 to February 2020.

This overview of Twitter India has uncovered that the vast majority of the ladies of India talk the most about their energy. As per the overview report, 24.9 percent of ladies talk about Passion (Fashion, Books, Beauty, Entertainment, and Food). Then again, 20.8 percent of current issues, 14.5 percent about superstar minutes, 11.7 percent about society, and 8.7 percent about friendly change are tweeted by ladies, despite the fact that among these big name minutes have been the most locked in. Tweets identified with Celebrity Moment get more likes and answers.

Chennai tops in big name second

As indicated by the overview, tweets identified with superstars are generally from Chennai. Aside from this, Bangalore tweets the most about society, social change, and so forth, Guwahati Passion and Current Affair. This review has additionally uncovered that ladies are generally keen on Twitter. As per the overview, 20.8 percent of ladies login on Twitter to be refreshed with the information on the country and the world. For this situation, Guwahati and Delhi are the main two urban areas. Hashtags like #StudentExams, # COVID19 and # DelhiElections2020 are on top in this class.

An astounding and stressing snippet of data has likewise emerged from this overview of Twitter and that will be that lone 11.7 percent of ladies need to associate with one another. Most tweets from these ladies’ records have been with #WomenInScience, #WomenInTech, #WomenInMarketing, and #GirlGamers.


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