A Failed Attempt to Hijack the Delta Flight 386.


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A Delta flight 386 left Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday, June 4, 2021. The flight had to land its way to Nashville, Tennessee when someone attempted at hijacking the plane’s cockpit. The alleged suspect tried to make his way into the plane’s cockpit when a flight attendant by the name of Christopher Williams sensed the offbeat.

Videos made by the plane passengers have been released on social media since the incident and have gone viral. The videos show flight attendants attacking and grounding the suspect. They further tied his limbs with heavy-duty zip ties.

People have since then have found profound respect for crew attendants. The man, Christopher Williams has become a new hero and is making headlines after restraining the attempted hijacker.

According to the reports, the alleged hijacker was repeatedly knocking on the door of the cockpit during the journey. After the detection of his presence, the plane was diverted to the Albuquerque International Support for an emergency landing, New Mexico.

The emergency landing was made around 2:20 pm on June 4, 2021. The suspect was taken into custody and turned over to the FBI. The authorities acclaimed that this time the public was not at any severe threat. The name and identity of the suspect haven’t been released yet.

Delta authorities have also shown gratitude towards the crew members and flight passengers of Delta Flight 386 who helped in detaining the unruly passenger. The aircraft landed without incident to remove the alleged suspect by law enforcement.

The authorities further expressed their apology for the delay and any kind of inconvenience caused to the flight passengers. FBI is further investigating the case.

The videos released have gained a lot of comments, a few mentioned awarding the flight attendant and vigilant passengers who helped save lives on Friday.



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