A Generalized Exercising Schedule at Home


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Staying at home all day long without any exposure to the outside world could be tedious. But this tedious could also turn into obesity, weakened muscle strength, other diseases like diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, etc.

So, what can one do to curb this situation?

Well, you can try out new things, that may or may not seem interesting to you at first but, the thrill that you might get after doing these activities would be immense.

For instance, here is a workout schedule you could follow every day to lower your body weight and fight obesity as well as boredom:


Stretching before and after waking up and before and after a workout could bring out visible results in your body physique. Child’s pose, side-lying leg stretch, half body bend is a few of the stretches you could do. One can also search on YouTube for amazing stretching schedules.

Workout warm-ups:

Exercising out of the blue can do more harm than benefit. Always remember that before exercising, take a walk or go running. Skipping rope, doing jumping jacks at home also might help. Warming up prepares our body for the upcoming exercise. If you are someone who gets tired after warming up, then my friend, you don’t eat/sleep properly.



It could be simple or difficult depending on the type of person you are. If you are a fitness freak who likes to torture different parts of your body with a different set, then I salute you. But if you are like me, then you might be confused. Which exercise shall I do first? Should I do crunches or lunges or squats or Planck? It’s a dilemma that can throw you out of the ‘training mood’.

A simple solution would again be YouTube. There are so many different workout schedules available on the internet. There is a separate set for targeting abs, upper thighs, butt, shoulders, and neck, etc. You can follow whatever suits your body.

If you don’t trust these free training videos, then there are numerous apps available on google and apple play store that guide you step by step through the course of your journey with fitness.


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