Adil C won the hearts of millions with recent pop-hit ‘I Promise’ FT. Trinity Rose  


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Adil C is a Canadian pop singer from Toronto, Canada who has won the hearts of millions of fans with his recent single ‘I promise’ with Trinity Rose. They’ve definitely proven their mesmerising vocal talents in this song. The song was released on the 22nd of February of this year, 2022. The popularity of this song has been skyrocketing as it has been streamed multiple times on Spotify over and over again. Adil C’s song with Trinity has also recently just broke over 450k views on YouTube, getting close to it’s next milestone of half a million.

Overall, it has crossed millions of streams in total across all platforms. This song has become quite popular in TikTok and there is a lot of predictions going around that Adil C is to be Canada’s next star. After seeing the success around Trinity and Adil’s viral song hit ‘I Promise’, we’re all curious to see the next move this talented singer is going to make. We all were predicting more to come from these two talents, let’s take a look at what Adil C and Trinity Rose just announced!

Announce the acoustic version of ‘I promise’

It isn’t new for singers to have a different version of their most famous songs, and acoustic remixes are one of those. Adil C and Trinity Rose will also provide us with an acoustic version of the song ‘I Promise’. Apart from that, we can also expect something new from him, as he hinted us that he’s working on new material in his recent Instagram post dated on June 24th – ” … Let’s get you all something new music..”

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‘I promise’ reached near 500k views on YouTube within 6 Months

Adil C’s song ‘I promise’ has reached nearly 500k views on YouTube, currently it has 458k views on YouTube, which is rapidly growing. The best part is that Adil C and Trinity Rose were able to reach that many people within just 6 months on YouTube alone. This is a clear indication that these two young artists are winning the hearts of the world.
Adil C growing Followers and Fans

Adil C’s social media account of Adil C has been skyrocketing since the beginning of 2022. There is no doubt that this is a direct result from his recent success with ‘I promise’. He has 13.3k followers on Twitter and 196K followers on Instagram. Apart from that, around 6.66K subscribers in his YouTube channel and 60k on his TikTok. Fans are getting very excited about Adil C’s future.

Adil C expected to announce First Time Merch Drop and Tours

Fans are always looking forward to the merchandise of their favourite celebrities. With the growing popularity of Adil C, we are speculating that he will soon announce an epic merch drop for his audience. However this rumour has yet to become official, but fans are ready for it. We recently found out some celebrities such as Stefan Benz, Gavin Magnus, Ava Kolker, Mckenzi Brooke and many more already have some of Adil C’s merch, and it’s custom. Notable producers too. To name one, Nick Lee. We’re all crossing our fingers that his merch drop will be available to the public. Furthermore, a tour can also be expected for his fans if Adil C does go ahead with his merch release.

Adil C Highly Involved With Charity Work

Adil C is a kind loving Canadian soul. He’s expressed numerous times that giving back is his form of happiness. Giving back love to his fans, but even giving back by supporting numerous amounts of charity events too. He supports NGOs like Pencils of Promise which provides quality education to children that don’t have access to it. Adil C also supports F*ck Cancer which raises awareness about early cancer detection, and Choose Love which provides humanitarian aid to, and advocacy for, refugees around the world.
Really, Adil C is an artist we can’t wait for the world to see. Humble, giving, kind, warm, loving, and talented. We are looking forward to getting more amazing music from this young Canadian gem!


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