After a viral assault, Justin Bieber claims the right half of his face is paralyzed and considers it “very bad.”


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As a result of his illness, Justin Bieber, 28, has postponed his world tour until he is well enough to return to performing. On Friday, the Grammy winner posted a video on Instagram discussing his health issues. His diagnosis was Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which involves facial paralysis and nerve damage in the face due to shingles.

After canceling gigs in Toronto and Washington, D.C., Justin posted the footage to his social media accounts. Singing while unable to move one side of his face, the singer described the condition as “very bad.” It is essential, so please watch this video. “I love you guys and ask that you remember me in your thoughts and prayers.

As he explains in the video, “My body is asking me to slow down. For those disappointed by my cancellations of the following gigs, I’m physically not capable of completing them. “I’m hoping you guys get it,” he said.

A look at his face revealed that one of his eyes had not yet swung open “This side of my face won’t let me grin. I can’t get this nostril to move. As a result, I cannot move that side of my face at all.”

His recovery time is unknown, according to Justin. His outlook was upbeat, and he stated he’s been performing face exercises as part of his healing process. He remarked for the remainder of this period, “I’ll be doing nothing but resting and relaxing so that I can go back to 100 percent.”

In only a few hours, Justin’s video got 14 million views, and hundreds of people wished him well in the comments area. Shawn Mendes wrote, “I adore you. “I’m in awe of you.” Love you, dude,” said Justin Timberlake in a message. “Prayers up, and healing vibes are coming your way!”

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Hailey Bieber, Justin’s wife, was hospitalized in March due to a blood clot in her brain.

As a 13-year-old, Justin became an internet sensation thanks to his mother’s YouTube footage of him singing. With hits like Baby and Believe, he became a worldwide pop superstar. With two Grammys under his belt, he has 22 nominations, including this year for Peaches’ album and song of the year.


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