Amrit Ramnath: A Rookie Musician thrives to set risk-taking standard in Indian classical music


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Indian musician Amrit Ramnath who gradually took the music industry by storm with his incredible talent and innovative initiatives. Known for his Tamil hits such as “Oorkuruvi,” “Nila,” and “Manase” (which is also the turing point in his career) the young maestro desired to set a standard of risk-taking in Indian classical music. In a recent interview Rolling Stone Indian Ramnath opened up about his future endeavours as well as his short yet impactful career.

Amrit Ramnath reflected on his career in this interview 

The 25-year-old said inspiration behind Manase, “Manase” was one of my first independent songs and it delves into the complexities we face in our late teens and twenties, especially regarding love, friendship, and personal security. The song explores the conflicting voices in our minds and the journey of embracing and overcoming them. The music video aimed to visually represent this inner conflict and the ethereal nature of the song.”

The young maestro also reflected on his upbringing revealing how it influenced his craft. She said, “My upbringing was immersed in music, thanks to my mother’s diverse musical background. She exposed me to various genres and styles, including classical, Bollywood, Marathi, and more. Growing up in such a musically fertile environment shaped my eclectic taste and provided me with a solid foundation in diverse musical traditions. She has been easily the most influential person in my life in the sense that she’s been my, of course, mentor, teacher, but more than that, she’s been such an incredible friend.”

Moreover, he also addressed the position of South Indian artists on the global scale, “ the South Indian music scene is thriving, with artists exploring diverse genres and pushing boundaries. Cross-collaborations and support from platforms like Rolling Stone are vital for amplifying the reach of South Indian artists on a global scale. As an artist, I’m excited about collaborating with musicians from different backgrounds and genres to create unique, cross-cultural music experiences.”

As for how he maintains a blend of traditional and contemporary in his songs, he said, “I draw inspiration from my cultural heritage while exploring innovative sounds and styles. For me, cultural preservation involves delving deep into traditional roots while embracing contemporary influences. It’s about honoring the past while evolving with the present musical landscape.”

He continues, “The art form I work with allows for a very limitless approach to music. At least that’s what I really believe. Because at the end of the day, my roots are very Indian music, like very Indian sounding music. But it’s not necessarily Indian classical music. Only because while Indian classical music is, say, what my mom performs the most, it’s not the only style that she’s been trained in. So I feel like therefore, I can really borrow from all kinds of art styles.”

“I think there’s a certain amount of rigidity in the classical music industry, which is changing, I think, with the generation to come. Because I feel like it’s for no fault of anybody, it’s the approach to the music that needs to change, right?” the Chennai born musician added. “Which is that classical music in its purest form is absolutely stunning. Like Carnatic music, for example, is something I borrow from all the time.”

Ramnath also noted, “And it’s my way of thinking. It’s like my language, like how we’re speaking right now in English. That’s my language. But it doesn’t mean therefore that, you know, it can’t be used to meander through other musical styles. And I think at the end of the day, if you really work towards finding a certain sound that you’re very, like, again, very sincere about, I feel like, you know, you can really, I feel like that rigidity is now slowly changing with guys like, like Jacob Collier just released a song with Anoushka Shankar, Ravi Shankar’s daughter. And it’s absolutely beautiful. she plays a very, very, interesting tana bit of sorts. And he’s singing in a very Western style.”

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