Archana Puran Singh admitted that she ‘fake laughed’ on The Kapil Sharma Show


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Actress Archana Puran Singh who appeared as a guest in the popular comedy show of Kapil Sharma admits that she sometimes deliberately fake laughs on the show. Puran Singh is all set to return with the new venture of this show on Netflix accompanied by Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and others on The Great Indian Kapil Show. At a recent media interaction the former actress spoke about her job which she regarded as the “best job in the world” and that she’s “laughing her way to the bank” all the time. Moreover, she also pointed out the criticisms she faced for laughing at bad jokes and opened up about the reason for doing it.

Archana Puran Singh revealed the reason for laughing at bad jokes 

Archana explained, “I didn’t know one day I’d become more famous for my laughter. As an actor I always thought it would be my performances will be known but see where destiny takes you.”

Moreover, she noted of her job, “It is the best job in the world, I am laughing all the way to the bank. I am having the best time, can you imagine, to watch one episode, one show, people crave to catch the event, to watch the live Kapil Sharma show, and I am there watching it like a guest, every time, so it’s a great opportunity,” 

Moreover, addressing the criticism she responded, “It doesn’t happen anymore!”

She also explains,“Now you’ll see, in the last three years, since we are doing the show, and especially now when we are on Netflix… Earlier people used to say that I laughed at bad jokes as well, I was not happy with it. What used to happen then is that if a particular joke didn’t have the punch, they (the makers) thought that if we use Archana’s laughter then woh punch utth jaayega (it’ll make people laugh), but it didn’t work that way, woh punch nahi utha, but main hi baith gayi (it didn’t become funnier, and I was criticised instead). People started to think, ‘this woman is mad, she is laughing for nothing. The integrity of my laughter took the beating.”

However, for now she said, “I genuinely laugh at the good jokes!”

She said laughing at not too funny jokes, “someone even asked me how I’m laughing at it. But it was the edit… you guys are aware how one can do anything on edit. They were very creative, they would place my laughter everywhere.”

Archana said about the current times, “Anyway, now I am happy to say that now there are very few instances when the jokes don’t have the punch where I need to ‘false- laugh’, that’s number 1, number 2 is that Kapil now tells ‘you should have said that, this joke didn’t launch,’ he says it on stage itself and we even telecast it. So, we are the first to laugh at ourselves and that’s why the world laughs with us.”

The Great Indian Kapil Show will start streaming on Netflix on Saturday, March 30.

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