Becca Brazil Comes Out with ‘Hey Baby’ Becoming a Rising Popstar


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Becca Brazil is a 32 year-old Brazilian pop singer/songwriter from San Diego, California. She was born on July 2nd, 1990. This star has gained the attention of mega celebrities and iconic stars such as Sheri Nicole, Ayden Mekrus, Adil C, Adam Sandler, and many more.

There’s something truly brilliant about Becca Brazil. She’s aspirational, relatable and talent. Becca Brazil writes songs to empower others through her music.

Not only has she been recognized by Adil C but has become close friends now as well. Just recently, Becca‘s latest song release was with Adil C, and that song was ‘Hey Baby’ which hit top 50 charts on Spotify Luxembourg.

she comes out with radio hit single ‘Hey Baby’ with Adil C, which has been featured on Rolling Stone and has been streamed non-stop by fans. Becca Brazil is a phenomenal artist/entrepreneur with an empire of followers on social media.

Music has been something that I’ve always been passionate about, I love the feeling that music gives you no matter if you’re feeling, if you’re down, happy, in love, going through heartbreak, or just need of some tunes to make your workout easier. Music makes you truly FEEL like you’re ALIVE.

her next song will be ‘Dirty Things’ with TurnMeUpTone. Stay tuned and follow her here –

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