Being Different- A Blessing in Disguise


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Ever sat down alone in a class? Ever chosen the most different option in a question asked by someone? Ever behaved differently to reflect the fact you are different from other people? Ever tried not to mend into a crowd because you wanted to be the odd one out?


Well turns out you’re trying way too hard to be different, which in a way makes you unique. People who are part of this ‘crowd’ are also different in every way. But we tend to make our judgment based on some crude criteria. Which is non-specific and untrustworthy?


Every person in this world is unique if we make a research test for everyone. People can never be similar in every way. But then why some people are weird and others are normal?


Well, those who are weird try not to mend into the crowds or could be visa versa. You see, the meaning of ‘different’ could be subjective depending upon the person whom we are talking to.


If someone doesn’t match the criteria to be in a common group/team then they are different for others.


Different people tend to be alone or have few friends. But being an optimistic soul as we all are, we tend to find positivity attached to being unique.


For starters, you don’t have to deal with all the unnecessary drama when you are friends with only a few people. Your secrets are mostly safe, so you don’t need to be worried about leaking important information regarding your life.


You have extra time for spending on yourself! I can’t stress this enough= but having time for yourself is such a blessing. You can work on yourself, become the best, better than the rest. Reach different objectives in life etc. etc.


In conclusion, being different is a blessing and everyone is unique so everyone has a little blessing for themselves.


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